We invite you to experience the rich mineral heritage of the African continent when you join us on a free tour of our factory. Begin by viewing our private collection of semi-precious stones. Visit our state of the art CAD room where three-dimensional blueprints and wax moulds are used to create bespoke pieces. Observe smelted gold transformed, and watch our craftsmen set gems and semi-precious stones in the creation of elegant jewellery. The tour concludes in our showroom where you can view our range of jewellery, loose gems and curios. Should you prefer something unique to take home, we have a wide selection of unset diamonds, tanzanites and gemstones that can be custom-made within 24-36 hours. Our knowledgeable staff will assist and advise you. Your visit is completed with complimentary souvenir to remember us by. No one leaves Afrogem without something special.

Average Duration: 10 to 15mins

What you can expect on the tour: 

All tours start with a complimentary drink of your choice followed by an introduction to minerals and various precious and semi precious stones found in and around South Africa in our lecture room. Following on from this you’ll be taken on a tour of our manufacturing factory where you will learn how a piece of jewellery comes into being from conception to delivery.

Tour operating hours

Full tours (Monday to Friday)
Includes a complimentary refreshment, lecture, factory tour and access to showroom
Monday to Thursday 9am to 17.30pm
Friday: 9am to 14.00pm

Reduced Tours outside factory operating hours 
Includes a complimentary refreshment, a lecture and access to showroom
Friday 14.00 – 17.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9.00am to 17.30pm

Please note that we can arrange for reduced tours outside  of our regular hours with at least 2 hours notice. 

To book a tour with us online: